HIVEHAUS, designed by Barry Jackson, is an ultra compact modular housing system inspired by hexagonal honeycomb structures that honey bees build. Identically sized modules can be joined together at any time to any of the six sides of the other modules to create a cluster of connected units or a “Hive”.

Each module is 100 sq ft and can be used specific purpose, such as an office module, lounge module, kitchen module or bathroom module. Internal partition walls (with or without pocket doors) can be added or removed to build the space plan you desire. It can be open and airy or it can be divided up into cozy individual spaces.

It’s a brilliant modular system that can be easily expanded depending on your housing requirements.

A single cell can be erected by two or three people within one day without the need for any heavy machinery. Each cell has adjustable legs so they can be installed on sloping or uneven terrain without a problem.

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