A Beautiful Modern Masterpiece From Tiny House Builders, Tiny Heirloom Homes

From The Site:

Custom made wooden tables, granite countertops, and extra counter space for a couple whose love language is found in the kitchen with a knife and skillet. These are some of the qualities that we believe make Heirloom, simply Heirloom. We love to customize for our clients. We believe that going smaller, doesn’t always have to mean sacrificing the things that makes your home, a home. So, as we moved forward in our photoshoot, these were obviously things we wanted to capture; our local partners, and the unique customizations of each of our homes. This was an amazing shoot and an amazing project we are really proud of! Check out the pictures below and stay tuned in the coming months for our next Heirloom!

Photo’s By: Ian Pratt

download (1)

download (2)

download (3)

download (4)


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