Saving space is a must for tiny house living. Take a look at these 7 clever staircases that double as storage space.

Retro kitchenware rests atop uncluttered open shelving that doubles as a staircase.
Photo by: Andrew Meredith

This home in Japan squeezes out every cubic inch of storage space, courtesy of a centuries-old design concept—the tansu.

Photo by: Osamu Abe

With limited space to build the staircase in a New York City loft, General Assembly designed this custom solution.
Courtesy of: Devon Banks

The architects of this Slovenian home turned the underside of the stairs into a handy bookshelf.
Courtesy of: Janez Marolt

In this not-quite-500-square-foot apartment in Greenwich Village staircase, five steps out of seven contain drawers for storing clothes.
Photo by: Raimund Koch

Joiner Roger Hynam designed and built cabinets under the stairs of a tiny flat in London
Photo by: Joakim Blockstrom

A beautiful, minimal solution for stashing kitchen gear under the main stairwell of this Brooklyn apartment.
Photo by: Matthew Williams

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